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that it is an inspiration to all of us. i am the chairman of the sandy hook promise technology committee to reduce gun violence. we are a committee composed of technology experts. spanning hardware and often wear and interprize applications and internet technology and gun safety technologies. we came together right after the tragic shootings in newtown to support the needs of the sandy hook promise and i am proud to announce today, the sandy hook innovation challenge. this is a program that will offer an incentive prize to the most promising new ideas. the mechanics of the mies are still being worked out. but here today, i want to issue a call nationwide, call, to the most innovative new ideas. and ask people to who ves ideas to log on to the sandy hook promise website and that is sandy hook promise, all one word,.org. it is intended to dove tail with the government and also to expand the scope of that beyond the areas that the government's efforts will cover. this will result in the most rapid and thorough exploration of new innovations that will help us reduce gun violence and reduce gun violence ag
with our technology community and certainly with the families of sandy hook. i would like to thank the families who flew all the way here from newtown, connecticut for joining us here today in san francisco. and while you are far away from home, i hope that you feel welcomed in our city. as a father of two girls myself, i can't imagine the pain and grief that you have suffered these past three months. and i have profound respect for your courage and for your commitment, for turning this grief into action. the tragic and horrifying events in sandy hook elementary school, touched every american, a tragedy of this magnitude brings along with it the pain, the shock, and the disbelief. and it forces all of us to ask the question how can we prevent such terrible events? how do we protect our children? our youth, our residents? for san francisco, it is very important for us to continue to have an open dialogue regarding gun violence so that we can answer these questions ourselves. today, we honored the three-month anniversary of the tragic mass shootings at sandy hook, elementary school,
. the technology network in san jose who made this a crucial project. i want to call out a thanks to or tactical team. we know how to make it small, not over 150 feet in the air. we have a studio, zone engineering and i have to say thanks to hmr who has been a rock star and directly one of the reasons this is happening. an extremely talented project. thank you all. i also want to just take a moment to really acknowledge that while leo and i have done a lot of things m in this world, we would not be able to do it alone. there is only one person responsible for this project and that is executive director of the arts. luminarias. i can go on and on. i think i will throughout the night. do know that she's a special person and this entire community owes her a debt of gratitude. i want to thank leo and his family for bringing the level of artistic integrity for this work that somehow slipped through the progress of a work of contemporary art parallel in art history. it has everything to do with leo and our interpretations with our discussion and that one minute that transformed how people will be rec
improve the taxi market by placing more caps on the street, working with existing technology providers. >> thank you. >> (calling names) >> good afternoon. >> also it's not going to be relevant to the subject, i thought we would be discussing the issue of having electronic weigh bills which is finished and done with, i want to express my opposition; we don't need anybody to bake through our information; it is not fair to have our financial data access by third parties or more. and we really think that by doing that process, it's nothing but adding another stress to what you have already seen here, with poor men working for their families; it's going to be another burden for them. i am sorry but // thank you very much. >> mark gruber, -- >> thank you. mark gruber. united taxicab workers. we desperately need electronic taxicab access. it should be done in the form of a single app put out my contract through an rfp instead of having some multitude of apps fighting among each other. you might have gotten a glimmer from the taxi magic representative. this is something that needs to be d
and flooding and you can see the subheaders from there. the technological and this is what one should do when you are conducting vunerbility. and technological hazards or hazards that are accidents and think of india and hazmat event, something where the transit center night not be the target. but they will receive collateral damage. some of these are very important to look at, scoring them cals and radiology and hospitals. >> have you to look at it across the board and we look at above and underground storage tanks and pipelines and if they rupture how will that effect the transit center. rail and air, of course your standard hazmat events, a truck something like that on the street near or around the center itself. man made is criminal acts, violence against property and in relation to the transit center. you think that everything from a violent act to graffiti, how are you going to try to buy down that threat and risk. we look at fire events, and plan to be 100-year building within those 100 years, we anticipate that you will have a fire event, a trash, can or a bus so we need recommendatio
women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. >> i want to welcome all of you to this very full house and this wonderful celebration for women's history month to recognize the efforts of women in our great city and county of san francisco. women's history month is a time to appreciate the contributions of our women leaders in our communities who have been courageous in proving the quality of life for all san franciscans. since 1996, the san francisco commission and the department on the status of women ~ has recognized the vital work and contributions of women throughout our community through this program, and i would like to invite dr. emilie morasi who is the executive director of that agency to say a few words about the history of this event. >> thank you very much, president chiu. i am joined today by commissioner kay [speaker not understood]. i'd like to ask her to come on up. she's very familiar with these chambers, having served as clerk for many, many years. and if there are any other commissioners who joined us, please come on up. i have just returned from japan th
in general terms about the technologically brilliant qualities of [speaker not understood] which we generally experience as print on paper, including books. there is the integrity of the text which can't easily be altered, certainly can't be hacked. and the changes, if there are any, would be very noticeable on paper as compared with electronic or online text. there is accountability generally speaking with book. we know who the author is. we know that there's been some editing and a publishing house putting it out. many online materials are simply not clear as to who the authors or editors or publishers might be. there is the quality of privacy. no one knows what you're reading when you go into a library. nobody certainly knows what page you're on or which entry you're reading. online all of those things can and in many cases are being tracked in minutest detail. there is permanence. one can routinely read a 20, 40, 100 year old book with no problem at all. that might be very difficult with some of the electronic materials. and finally, the universal accessibility, only the eyes are needed t
they are working on the technology where they can make these things inoperable. once it gets out there if we can get it through the public's knowledge to get this, they're gonna understand that once they sell it to the next level they may not want it and then you're gonna create some animosity between the robber and the buyer. they say that according -- they may have this up by christmas internationally so it would be around the world for everyone. they say they already have it through the carriers. through verizon it's already available. they're just gonna tell you about the find a phone app which is something that will just ping it immediately. not necessarily going to disable the phone, which is what we're after to make it useless. >> the carriers can't make it useless. >> it's gonna take some work by the manufacturer to make it completely useless and not be able to resold and remanufactured. >> any questions about this? i see chief was gonna chime in there. >> i just want to tell since we have an opportunity here on the tip line -- 575-4744. so the public can report any crime to us an
that and unbrick a phone, which is really unfortunate so it seems that technology's important. >> i believe it's gonna be passed christmas for that. i know they're working on this bricking technology that's a standard. we wanna do is see it standardized in all these smart phones. i would say hopefully by christmas that would be available for everybody. the other part is gonna be the cost. i'm sure they're going to add some cost to it to add it as another application that you might have to buy, but after that, i think that blacklisting as i said -- the similar card and the phone marriage -- that, i believe, exists already and some companies however i don't know how widespread it is here in the united states. >> do you think it could be by christmas or... >> christmas would be where they would have the bricking available from the manufacturer. >> any other questions. >> i would like to bring up [inaudible] from sf safe in regards to this thing. >> thank you very much. >> my name is arena [inaudible] and i'm a program director at san francisco safe and as a crime prevention educational non p
; the technology, already exists. it could be an existing app maker who plugs in and goes from 700 cabs to 1700 cabs; it could be a new player. that part we would not control the timeline but given what we have seen in terms of the demand for this kind of way to access transportation, and we're fairly confident that that would happen fairly quickly. >> mine is quick. director heinicke covered most of the things i want to talk about. thank you for the research; you have made a lot of progress. congratulations to you and your staff. >> thank you. >> i want to go back to mr. -- made the point when he invested a lot of money in apps, i think director reiskin said, even if they invested in apps, they can be used in open architecture. have you taken into consideration what is out there? >> it is appropriate to allow companies that have a pride in their brand, to develop their own apps; if they want to offer and app with only their taxis, we should allow that exist. we don't want to interfere with that brand. we want people to be able to get taxis a lot easier than they can today. >> nothing preclude
technological invention and quality. thanks. >> thanks. next speaker. >> mr. washington, could you speak directly into the microphone? >>> i'm sorry. i wanted to try and focus this frame of network here. but anyway, [speaker not understood] my name is james washington. this little thing that you see here is a little something i put together maybe from 10 years ago. it's depicting the fillmore as i see it in myize. it's called the fill no more. basically it depicts from beginning of urban renewal to what we have right now. one side of this art, it shows the black man had businesses and cars and buildings they owned. and then somehow it turned into what we have now with the urban renewal, big high-rises and most of our blacks are unemployed. but what i am here to say here, first of all, i just wanted to give great honor to my supervisor, queen b london breed doing a wonderful job. i think she's going to do a fantastic job because accountability is one of her [speaker not understood]. but right now in the western addition, we have created problems from the urban renewal redevelopment agency
. and one quick thing -- the technology you've asked about for these items are available and they've been in use for a number of years in other countries. on the director's probation report. /tkpwepbl, last month martin [inaudible] of the police officer's association took exception to some of my remarks. according to him i chose to come here and make dispairaging remarks to other officers in the department. he should get his facts straight. i did file a complaint with occ. i did that during a break the police commissioners meetings. i can understand confusion in the matter since here we are six weeks later and i have yet to receive any acknowledgment of the complaint. no complaint number, no nothing. i wouldn't be at all surprised to hear nothing for six to nine months only to receive a dismissal form letter regarding the complaint. not surprised at all. putting out /sta /teusices on occ is all well and good, but i've said on numerous occasions, have you ever tried asking people who go through that process what they think of it? you can't tell what the process is like unless y
everybody would agree with me -- the technology fee we already have smart phones so we don't need anymore technology i think that's it thank you very much. good afternoon you are very intelligent people sitting in the panel i bought my medallion 3 years ago and after 3 years i bought my house which is almost 350 thousand dollars. i've been driving a taxi for the last 23 years and the rule was the people on the list they would get the permit now after the mta changed the rule but i was leasing before from the yellow and i think that i have not been rewarded i have been punished after 23 years serving the people of san francisco and that is not fair and now i heard that they are going to issue the permits for 250 thousand dollars. they have issued permits for free they have 8000 for free and why i have to pay 250 thousand dollars if you have to issue the permits for 150 thousand dollars then i am requesting also to reduce my price also thank you very much. applause. >> somebody else? >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i start driving from 1979 and i think the central app. because j
. it works great. even when it doesn't. we need this technology because right now flywheel isn't 700 cabs on that app, i asked people, how long did you wait for this ride, saturday night? 9-10 minutes. it can imagine with 1700 we are going to solve a big demand issue assuming you want to solve the demand issue; you don't want to just throw medallions of the problem. this is a holistic approach, a way to solve the demand issue. we needed to be done right. we need a app that works right. we can do it. it's about time. thank you. (applause) (calling names) the last person who turned in a speaker card. >> i support having an electronic taxi access system, where all the cabs are on one app. it's time for the companies to stop preventing this because they want the particular app or dispatch service. i don't know. i work for yellow. i don't think you have a good dispatch system. all the dispatch systems could be improved but i really think that we need something to compete with all these other apps, and we need to get rid of all of these apps facilitating illegal cabs. i'm not sure why you can
to take over the stem industry. that's the science, technology, engineering and math. she is a scientist at one of the leading biotechnology companies. she is the founder of next gene girls. this was started at the grassroots, an organization commit today empowering young women for under represented communities to see themselves in science by introducing the girls to the wonders and the many -- to wonder of the many different scienceses such as engineering, technology and math professions. this is a visionary woman i set before you and it is a privilege to be able to honor her. but a little bit about who she is. she was born in the most beautiful part of san francisco. she was reared in the most wonderful promising talented part of san francisco. and without any further ado, you guys probably guess it had. that's bayview hunters point. you got to give the lady some credit. so, mom and dad, thank you very much for raising outstanding woman. (applause) >> now, ms. jackson, she understands the roadblocks and challenges many of our young people face when it comes to growing up in a challenge
francisco for perhaps 20 years now. as one of the speakers said the technology is here it's been here for a while frankly we're behind the game on this so i'm happy to be bringing this forward i wish we had brought this forward 2 years ago this is what will help us strengthen and make more efficient use of the taxis that are already on the street and i realize that the packet for this item is thick but you will note the report is about 4 substantive pages.
to keep as much technology in house as much possible to use the valuable resows that we have at the puc and to use city coemployees to implement the program everywhere we can search when we implement the program we will go out to the world and pull from the brightest that they have to offer to join forces with the city it team up and implement this program and if you have any questions at the end of the present tiges, we will be able to present them for you and with that it's back to you. >>> thank you memory yo. [spelling?] and good afternoon president torres and we will talk about the next seem with the sewer system improvement program and we will re-cap the validation work that we did this past summer and then we will talk about the implementation of stage one project which have been authorized and funded. jeep will be walking through resource the contracting approach, the tools for efficient deliver and risk management and i'll return to talk about the public outreach evident. jeep is the ssi p deputy of preconstruction activity he served in that role with -- and will serve with
the community to put a better technology to reduce the smell but moving it further away from the community, so, the neighbors. so, that is but irright we are going through an e i r process where we will document all of these concern and address them. >> so there is comment that suggest that these digesters may not be in the can you repeat space. >>> i believe that is safe to say. >> mr. president and mr. cruz, we do have the benefit of two city projects ongoing right now in dense urban environments both the terminal project and the central subway project and one with deep excavation and under a tunnel and we will be working with the m ta and the agency to find out their lessons learned and with respect to the pedestrian control and use all of the effective measure that is those programs have used on this project during the planning phase we will include all of those within our requirements for mitt gage and then we will go on and regularly monitor that administrate gages plan and report to the community so they can see that the contractors are in fact holding to all of the mitigation pl
are putting in new walls, which is called quiet rock 545, it is the highest end of wall technology and it is a sound proofing technology and i will show you that. and we are putting in new door seals on the existing doors, they were not sealed they leak all around the doors and there is no seal happening there an that will add isolation and we are adding them in front of the doors and in the green room area, so those are the mitigation steps. i will just quickly show you the things that we have got, this is the sound proofing door and it is a 54 door and this is quiet rock, 545 and that is the certified drywall on the eleven, layer product and it is specifically for clubs. this is the sound level meter with an arm that will be installed in the sound booth and it cannot go over 98. this is what the existing walls look like, this is db on the left here and it is frequency on the bottom. and so that is the existing wall that is a rough proximatation. this is what we expect the walls to look like when completed. this an estimate but it is based on the work done on the 545. and this all
'am. >> it is relatively new technology. >> so... excuse me, so is it that you are trying to match up the video with the person at the same time? >> so basically. >> time coded? >> basically it is an id reader, whoever enters the venue, displays their id. >> okay. >> i just was curious to know. so you know if it was me, what i would do is i would say that their identification code reader would be time coded. so that it matches with the video. otherwise, you would not know. it would be more difficult to match it up. >> because that is your point is to match up the person with the video, right? >> yes. >> okay. so, thank you very much. i was curious about that, anybody have any questions? >> well, i have a question about the security reader. because i actually skimmed over that one. and i have another question about number 12. >> okay. >> so, just following up on the security, or the id reader, how much does one of those typically run? >> i have been told that they are the cheaper ones are under $200. >> okay. and so, the establishment would be required to turnover a list of all patrons attending
with this was new technology and that i would be seing more of this in other conditions. and that is was not a discrimination against an lgbt bar and so my radar is going up a little bit because i have not seen that come out yet. so i am not suggesting that this operator have to do this, but i am bringing up the issue that it has not come up except with the eagle. and i assume that the eagle it was conditioned because there was some crime problems. and other establishments that have been asking for a permit are not having that issue. but this is one establishment that is having that issue. so just something to point out. so i am correct that it is not in this fine print. >> right? >> it is not. >> okay. >> those readers are also good at helping the clubs identify whether the id is fake or not. and so there are other issues that those readers can help with. this is today, this is a permit that has already been in place for quite a while now. >> right, the eagle has been around for a very long time and i understand that it was, you know, this was different, but d my radar
in at that point in technology it may advance, and in terms of signals, continuing or communications and i am curious if we thought about that because i would hate to spend the money on the infrastructure and have to replace it when the trains come in. >> exactly, what we are providing is the location where again, assuming that, there is a wired component that is going to come back. from these receivers or repeaters that will be different in the future. that we are providing that point of enter face, essentially. but even within the design of the phase one component of these systems, our it communications and security consultant is not going to finalize those specifications until 2015, just before we put them out. so even though we are right now, talking about the conversation of completing the 100 percent construction documents, in may of this year, the it security and communication components we are not going to finalize those until late, precisely because of what you said and we want to be sure that we are specifying what is currently the state of the art at the time that we open the doors
is northern california, you are talking about the state of ability, technology, the cutting edge. we are standing in what is going to be the first certified stadium. we are not sure what the certification is going to be, we hope it's gold. we are not sure until it's up and running, but what we do know is we have enough solar panels to be powered by the sun. that's something that nobody else can say in the world in sporting events. when you talk about bringing the bowl to the bay. we haven't had a super bowl since 1985. we hope to get another super bowl here and have a golden anniversary in the golden state where we had it in los angeles back in years we are going to host. i'm very excited to work with all the the host here, mayor reed, everybody in san jose, this is a place where you have police, construction workers, hotels, everything, it's not just from san francisco to san jose, you are talking about from napa and all places from around the world. i hope it's a future for many events to come. we thank you for coming out and hope to bring back the super bowl. thank you. [ applaus
was concerned about the designs, the architectural designs, the technology in the buildings, if they would be rather dated for 6 years and perhaps should be reviewed by the planning commission. it doesn't have to be extensive review but go over the details and say does this look good in san francisco right now. i know the museum is gutting the mural building which is less than 20 years old because already it's dated. i don't know if there is a mechanism for that, but perhaps, you should be articulated. also, i think the time period was 18 months in 2007, i'm not sure, but looking back at these times it was a soft -- ending. not three years and in my opinion the approval process for 801 brannan street and they promised to build the same building but they did not. those are my thoughts. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. sean --rba. the last five years have been very unique. money is starting to return and while we look at the landscape and cranes. those cranes are products of institutional money. it has no where else to go. it wasn't acceptable to put that kind of money into b
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 76 (some duplicates have been removed)